No details from Premier on Connolly termination as Education Minister

Turks and Caicos, June 21, 2017 – Providenciales –  The Premier and PDM party Leader will not be divulging exactly why she revoked the ministerial portfolio of Josephine Connolly.  Sharlene Robinson explained to media Tuesday in a press conference held at her office that it is against her party’s constitution and cabinet protocol to break confidentiality.

One week prior to the termination of Connolly as Minister of Education, Premier Robinson had said that her government was intact, implying strongly that rumors about the former Minister Connolly being fired, Karen Malcolm being made the Education Minister, and other apparent character attacks were not true.  Therefore the removal of Josephine Connolly came as a surprise and seemed to represent a change of mind by the Premier.

The Premier when questioned about this, did not say what changed her mind but did say what didn’t.   “I wouldn’t say that beause there is a lot of street talk, there’s a lot of nonsense on social media, and if we were to be guided by street talk or what is on social media, many people would not be standing in the Turks and Caicos.   So for any leader to sit here and acknowledge that what is on social media  or street talk would have influenced the decision of this magnitude would not be someone that you should put trust in.”

When Hon. Connolly spoke to media last week, she said the Premier had bypassed a party constitution requirement for there to be a vote after hearing all sides.

Yesterday Party Leader Robinson said, that the PDM at the NGC level endorsed her decision.  When asked about if there was a future for Connolly in the PDM party, the Premier said yes.  “Of course she does, she has not resigned from the People’s Democratic Movement, I think she has made it abundantly clear that she will continue to serve.”





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