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Environment Legislation to be laid

Bahamas, June 21st 2017: Moves to make the Ministry of Environment the chief overseer for the environment will be the focus of two pieces of legislation government intends to bring forward soon. The bills titled the Ministry of Environment Bill and the Environment Planning and Protection Bill, 2017, will ensure the environment is monitored and protected.  Minister, Romauld Ferreira presented it as part of his Contribution to the Budget package in the lower house. It’s expected that the legislation will establish the process for environmental impact assessments under his ministry.

This year’s budget makes the landfill issue at New Providence a priority, with short term measures seeking to follow the model of waste disposal used in Grand Bahama. It also makes the landfill at Family Islands a priority as there is need to ensure limestone is available to cover waste.

Other projects include advancing a loan agreement for the completion of the Geomatics Capacity Enhancement for Disaster Risk Management for the Bahamas National Geographical Information Systems Centre, addressing the institutional needs of the of department to enhance operations and to host the Geospatial Advisory Council’s inaugural meeting at a date to be set.







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