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Women dominate in FNM Senate Appointments

Bahamas, May 22, 2017 – NassauWomen were touted to play a bigger role in the Senate and Permanent Secretary appointments and they have; Both the President and Vice President of the Senate are women:  Kay Forbes Smith and Dr. Mildred Hall Watson.  Trade Unionists, Jennifer Isaac-Dotson and Sharon Ferguson-Knowles; once Fox Hill MP, Junianne Dorsett and Pastor Jasmin Turner-Dareus. 

Pakesia Parker-Edgecombe is also given a key mandate, said to be now in the Office of the Prime Minister to assist with the modernization of The Bahamas Broadcasting Corporation; Minnis vows to end use of the government owned broadcast station as a   Also among the nine appointed by the FNM Administration and sworn in yesterday was, FNM Treasurer, Dwight Sawyer. 

Instruments were received last week by Senators Carl Bethel, Kwasi Thompson and Dion Foulkes. 





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