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Minnis vows to hold Government accountable, two sworn in Friday

Bahamas, May 15, 2017 – Nassau –  Experience with talent is the blend the Free National Movement Administration says it is going for as it began, on Friday evening, unveiling what Prime Minister, Hubert Minnis called, the ‘People’s Government’.   Peter Turnquest was sworn in as Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister, and hailed by the country leader as having true experience in finance and business and the PM committed to adhering to the constitution and finance regulations for equitable service.  

IMG-20170512-WA0016DPM Turnquest was also lauded for community service as Grand Bahama Scout Association leader, Anglican Church Men fellowship member and Rotarian.   PM Minnis said this government will use the people’s money for what it is supposed to be used for and not to serve private interests; that statement attracted applause from the audience gathered on the lawn of Government House for the ceremony which also included the swearing in of Attorney General, Carl Bethel who will serve as leader of Government business in the Senate.  

A former AG, three term House of Assembly member, former Chairman of BAIC and a once cabinet minister for Education, Economic Development and a state minister for economic affairs, Bethel is also a two year Queens Counsel attorney who served on the constitutional commission.  Hon. Senator Bethel, was also lauded for his role in community work as a Kiwanian. 

A foundational theme of PM Hubert Minnis’ remarks was on accountability and integrity as he promised to hold his ministers to the highest standards of ethical conduct in their performance of their public duties.





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