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Bishop Boyd denounces election season ‘Gutter Politics’

Bishop Laish Boyd

Bahamas, April 25, 2017 – Nassau – Anglican Bishop, Laish Boyd is calling for the denouncement of “Gutter politics and venom” this election season.In a letter to his parishioners, the Bishop expressed his horror over what he describes as a “terrible practice of denigrating and maligning others” by “unscrupulous opponents” in the political realm”, something he says acts as a turn off to persons wanting to offer themselves to public office in the future.

He pinpointed the rise of this on social media, where “fake news is propagated as facts”. The Bishop warned of the “demonizing of political candidates” and called on voters to instead “discuss the issues”. He also warned that children were observing the behavior and were being led to believe that “persons serving or desirous of serving in political office did not have integrity or good character”.

The Bishop instead called on voters to “be informed” and “take an interest in the national landscape” with the aim as getting a “wide sampling of what is going on” in the country leading up to the polls.

The outspoken Boyd described the current state of affairs as a “bad thing, as it hurts us and weakens the country,” and urged citizens to do better.



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