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High speed chase ends badly for criminals, one dead in police gunfire

Bahamas, April 25, 2017 – Nassau – Police may have uncovered a stolen car ring after a high speed car chase in Nassau led to a criminal suspect being killed by police gunfire.  It is described as a brazen day time shoot out and when the dust settled, it was the criminal trio who reportedly opened fire first, which had two of its men taken down by the Royal Bahamas Police Force.

Senior ACP Stephen Dean reported to media that the chase ended with a standoff when the suspects, despite warnings to stop, turned their guns onto approaching Police.  The Senior Assistant Commissioner explained that their officers are trained for this kind of confrontation and were able to take control of the situation.

Officer Dean said this was also a demonstration to the public and the criminals that Police are not afraid to fight for the safety and security of The Bahamas.  The car chase happened off Carmichael Road in Prides Estates, Nassau.

One man was killed, another critically wounded, the third is in custody.  In that vehicle were found stolen license plates, and the plate on the suspect car was also stolen said Police.









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