Beaches Resort Celebrates World Health Day With Exciting Health Fair!

Turks and Caicos, April 12, 2017 – ProvidencialesOver 50 Team Members at Beaches Turks and Caicos Resort Villages and Spa received free health screenings on April 7, 2017 in celebration  of World Health Day.   Following in line with the international theme for World Health Day, “Depression; Let’s Talk”, Beaches TCI provided informative displays on depression while also focusing on healthy lifestyles to prevent disease through a health drive.

The event was hosted by the Public Relations Department in collaboration with the Environmental Health Services (EHS) Department of the resort and attended by Ministry of Health representatives from the Health Promotion Unit alongside a Beaches resident nurse. 

_DSC0099Speaking on the health drive, Leader of the EHS team for Beaches TCI, Shuntal Gibson said; “We are here educating the staff because we want to keep our staff healthy because here in the Turks and Caicos we have a lot of staff that visit the nurses’ station and complain about high blood pressure and high blood sugar so we are trying to find ways to ensure that they remain healthy.’

Team members were tested for high blood pressure and blood sugar while Health Promotion Unit Officer Maclean Robinson provided pamphlets and other reading material on nutrition, substance abuse, mosquito borne illnesses and mental health.

EHS Coordinator Stefon Tyndall said, “A lot of things fall under our umbrella but first and foremost we should be worried about our customers which includes our staff, their overall health and safety is imperative and pivotal to the hotel. Having them know about their own personal health is crucial because we have to ensure that people are OK.”

Nora Tyndall, Care and Treatment Nurse at the Health Promotion Unit commended Beaches Turks and Caicos for hosting the health drive and promoting healthy lifestyles among staff members.

_DSC0090Tyndall said several persons knew of their hypertensive or diabetic statuses while others were unaware of any ailments. Commenting on the high rate of Hypertension and Diabetes in the TCI, Tyndall said, “It is a very good initiative you have endeavored to do. During the screening we have seen many persons who have high blood pressure and high blood sugar, some of them are known hypertensive and known diabetics but they are not taking their medications.”

Tyndall and Beaches TCI resident Nurse Madeline Climo advised staff that showed signs of hypertension and diabetes to take proper precautions to ensure a life of health and longevity.   Tyndall said; “They need to drink a lot of water, they need to exercise and they need to look at having more greens and nuts in their diet.”

Public Relations Manager for Beaches TCI, Elanor Krzanowski said, “Productivity and wellness goes hand in hand when it comes to the successful operation of our resort so we felt that it was important to bring in those health care professionals to conduct analysis and tests on diseases that are prevalent in the community to ensure that our staff know their numbers and their status. We are very grateful to have partnered with the public health sector and EHS to conduct this initiative and we look forward to working with those entities on future health drives.”

Krzanowski said that Beaches TCI looks forward to hosting future events that promote healthy lifestyles among staff members. 

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