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Hall promises a clean voter registration

Bahamas, April 12, 2017 – NassauParliamentary Commissioner Sherlyn Hall has stated that his department “has the ability” to produce a clean voter’s register, but said that can only happen if Bahamians do not “contaminate” it by registering more than once.

Mr. Hall said that the honest “participation of all citizens” would be the determining factor in the department’s production of a clean register, adding that things would go a lot smoother if people “tell us the truth” about their registration history.

Deputy Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis also weighed in on the matter yesterday, and called on Bahamians to “assist” Mr Hall in producing a clean register, saying, “the correctness of the register is not the sole responsibility of the parliamentary commissioner or his offices.”   In response, however, Mr Hall said “the register is only as clean as the cooperation we receive from the voters.”

“The clean register depends on the participation of all citizens,” Mr Hall said when questioned in the matter. “If citizens come and tell us whether you registered before or not, that helps us keep a clean register. Once we pick them up we’ll do our best to delete their names off the register. Because each voter is entitled to have one voter’s card. So if a person registered before and they do not tell us the truth, you contaminate the register.”

 Story by: Sheri-Kae Mcleod





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