Penn, Griffiths, Thomas – Charged with killing Kevino

Providenciales, TCI, February 3, 2017 – It is onto the Grand Turk Supreme Court for the sufficiency hearing on April 7 of the three men now charged in the murder of 25 year old Kevino Smith of Grand Turk in 2015.  Magistrate Tanya Lobban Jackson heard the matter today of Krishna Penn, Conrad Thomas Jr and Lamar Griffiths – all three arraigned in a homicide that rocked the nation.

Penn is represented by Laura Maroof; Oliver Smith is representing 31-year old Lamar Griffiths and Smith served as attorney in lieu for Conrad Thomas Jr when his lawyer, Keith Thomas, could not appear on his behalf today.  These charges should be welcomed by the family of Bah Smith, whose case was labeled as forgotten by his mother, Patty Smith.

Mrs. Smith often took to social media to grieve her son and remind the country and Police of her suffering, knowing that his killers were walking around Grand Turk as if they did not murder her child.  Patty Smith was unrelenting and today, should be a better day in the pursuit of justice.


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