Bahamas has no position on US Travel Ban, does not affect Bahamians

Fred Mitchell 1Nassau, Bahamas, January 31, 2017Donald Trump coming into the Office of US President does not change the bi-lateral agreements The Bahamas has with the United States and so his executive orders to ban some travelers into the US, has no effect on Bahamians; this from the US Embassy which also reminded that the bans are primarily on Muslims from seven countries about half a world away from us.  Still the move by President Trump caused a new rash of protests to erupt in America and even sparked a vigorous debate in the House of Representatives in the UK. 

 It was last Friday that President Donald Trump signed that executive order which imposes a 90 day ban, even on Muslims with legal visas. 
 Many are calling the move unconstitutional; Minister Fred Mitchell today told Magnetic Media that The Bahamas has no official position on the decision of the new president. 

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