interCaribbean Airways cancels flights due to Airport Conditions

Providenciales, TCI, December 6, 2016 –  interCaribbean Airways announces the cancelation of flights to South Caicos as the result of the operator of the Airport “TCIAA” informing interCaribbean Airways the airport is now an “uncontrolled field” (airport).  Under Aviation Regulations commercial aircraft are not allowed to operate into “uncontrolled” aerodromes.

Over the past several months’ construction work has been ongoing at South Caicos Airport during this time interCaribbean has operated in and out of the airport.

Late yesterday December 5th, 2016, the Airport Authority (TCIAA) issued an advice requiring the company aircraft conduct a flyover the field to ensure the runway is clear for a landing via an aviation process called a NOTAM (Notice to Airman) citing this requirement.  The operations into an airport are regulated by Civil Aviation and as such operating into an airport with scheduled service does not provide the above process.

Pending the clarity of the airport operator (TCIAA) reviewing the issued NOTAM and its compliance with the provisions of OTAR 139 and 171, we need to suspend the services as we are unable to legally operate such services.  Operating in an uncertain environment with confusion as to the regulatory requirements imposes safety risks to all concerned, therefore until the matter resolved we must take this action.

Once we have achieved clarity and correction to the operations of the airport, such that the required services compelled, are provided by TCIAA for this certified airport, the services can be restored.

We apologize to the public for these events, and wish to assure the traveling public that their safety is our main priority while providing the needed services in connecting South Caicos with Providenciales and Grand Turk.


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