TCIG receives new fleet of vehicles

Providenciales, TCI, November 1, 2016 – The Ministry of Infrastructure, Housing and Planning, in collaboration the Mechanical Services Division, within the Department of Public Works, is pleased to announce the arrival of eight brand new vehicles for placement within the government fleet.

These vehicles, which will be used mainly for compliance and enforcement purposes, will be distributed as follows:

  • DEMA                        2 Trucks               
  • Planning                   2 Trucks               
  • Customs                   1 SUV                   
  • Customs                   1 Car                     
  • Health                       1 SUVs                 
  • Health                       1 Car       

The Chief Mechanical Superintendent on announcing the arrival of these vehicles stated:  The TCIG vehicle fleet has been without reliably functioning vehicles for quite some time now. Subsequent to the flooding from hurricane Ike in 2008, which had tremendously affected the integrity of these vehicles, along with undue care by some drivers, who drove some vehicles through flooded salt water after the storm and in some cases, neglect on the part of careless drivers, we have seen the rapid deterioration of our already diminishing fleet.”

“Most of the vehicles remaining in the fleet are well over 10 years old, and this dramatically affects repair costs and interruption of service by the various ministries and departments, particularly in the areas of enforcement and compliance.”

“With the addition of these eight new vehicles to the TCIG fleet, the receiving departments will now be able to perform their functions with minor disruptions relating to transportation. They can now confidently operate with new and reliable vehicles specifically suited for their departmental needs and purposes.”

We would like to encourage all Heads of Departments to control and limit the use of these vehicles to ‘official use only’ as they should only be used in that capacity.  We are motivated and encouraged by the new addition to our fleet and we are looking forward to more in the near future.


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