No more plastic bags for TCI, Delton Jones appointed to NHIB

Providenciales, TCI, November 3, 2016 – During a recent Cabinet meeting, there was much business done including the appointment of Delton Jones to head the embattled National health delton-jonesInsurance Board; to work on reintroducing gratuity for Police and Civil Servants, a decision hinged largely on whether or not the country can afford it and a new policy aimed at reducing plastics in the TCI.

Government Ministers and the new Governor, HE John Freeman approved a ban on the importation of plastic bags into Turks and Caicos and that ban begins on January 1, 2017.  Store owners, from the decision taken at Cabinet will have three months to get rid of the plastic bags they do have because after April 1, 2017 there will also be a ban on the distribution of plastic bags.

The policy will mean stores which package goods and more in plastics will have to find and alternative and government is considering a reduction in customs duties for these alternative carrier bags.

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