Flag and Coat of Arms Bill passed in Parliament

Providenciales, TCI, June 15, 2016 – New law to regulate use of the country’s national symbols will impact store owners and souvenir sellers who have been allowed to pretty much use the design of their choice for years.

Goods ordered or in stock with the incorrect TCI national symbols displayed upon them will have to be sold within one year of institution of the law, else the items will have to be disposed of.  House of Assembly members seemed to agree on that clause in the bill which this time around defines and describes what is the correct Turks and Caicos Coat of Arms.

During debate on the Flag and Coat of Arms bill today, it was determined that the pelican standing atop the helmet and crest will remain white, despite it depicting the country’s national bird which is the brown pelican.  Black was also added to the color pallet for the design which features black for shadows on the light pink flamingos, on the Turks Head or Fez Cactus and on the helmet.

The Flag & Coat of Arms Bill, brought by the Office of the Premier was yesterday passed in parliament.  House debate resumes this morning at 10.

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