Saints pause to pray

Providenciales, TCI, October 24, 2016 – Yesterday at Community Fellowship Centre, saints paused to pray; this was quite likely happening at Houses of Worship all across the nation as an answer to the surge in violent crimes.

Pastor Bradley Handfield: “Crush crime, release the plan of God and that the Gospel of Jesus Christ to salvation and signs….may the Church be loosed with power.  Where authorities fail…may the fire of the Holy Ghost be released to tear up and tear down the plan of the enemy.  We pray for our Police force, replace a spirit of timidity for a spirit of boldness, wisdom and a heart of love for the people.  Thank You Heavenly Father for the victory.”

Prayers went up for unsolved crimes to be solved, that criminals be caught, protection from predatory adults and abuses against our children, for protection from crime and for evil thoughts and that all criminal minds be changed.

A shout of ‘Amen’ rang out from the congregation.

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