Premier tours homes in Millennium Heights sub division

Providenciales, TCI, July 18, 2016 – The Premier on Friday toured Millennium Heights, built by Priton Development in North West Provo.  Media asked his assessment of the five homes seen. “What I’ve seen is that yes we have houses with mold, and most of the mold  seem to be due to, from water leakages from within walls, within floors, definately cracking of the floors with regards to the tile, and that is more than likely related to shifting of the floors, meaning either the floor is sinking, or compressing and expanding or something.  Cracks in the walls etc., and those are consistent across the houses that I visit.” – Premier Rufus Ewing

A meeting was held on Friday between Priton Development and Government, after a litany of complaints made media headlines about shoddy construction and dangerous environmental hazards.

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