Premier meets Police Commish, Border Control high alert

Providenciales, TCI, October 24, 2016 – The violence and boldness of this latest attempted theft got everyone talking, praying and meeting… the Premier was debriefed by Police on Sunday morning and expressed his outrage at the situation and promises a press conference this morning.

Premier Rufus Ewing said in a statement, “I impressed upon the Commissioner that a zero tolerance approach to crime has to be taken and criminals flushed out and brought to justice.  We also discussed the recent jail break in Haiti and the need for the police force and Immigration to be placed on high alert.”

And high alert it is says the Minister of Border Control, Hon Donhue Gardiner who also issued a statement yesterday to explain the TCIs reaction to the prison break, where a guard was killed in Haiti.

“The Coastal Radar Department has also been put on the highest alert, and officers at our ports of entry and all of our permitting agencies, including the Visa Section in the Immigration Department have been asked to heighten their scrutiny of passengers travelling from Haiti and applications for persons from that area, even if it may mean greater delays.  I have spoken to both of our local airlines flying the route to Haiti and parts of the route to other destinations locally and abroad, to assist with our air surveillance of the route during their scheduled flights.  I have also had telephone conversations with the Consulate of Haiti in the Turks and Caicos Islands to convey our sympathies on the loss of life and to ascertain all the necessary information that we might need to assist our efforts here,”  said the Border Control minister.


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