Another PNP vote goes up for ratification, Sabrina Green starts campaign in Grand Turk

Providenciales, TCI, July 14, 2016 – Another Progressive National Party race will go to the party’s executive board for ratification after the South Caicos primary turned up no overwhelming winner.  Ruth Blackman, a sitting member of the House of Assembly led in the two voting processes which happened last night; but did not get that 70% her party needs to slide into the slot.  Close behind, by ten votes each time was Alvin Parker, the suspended Director of Sports whose name is also sent up to the NEC to be considered along with Hon. Ruth.

Tonight, Member of Parliament for Grand Turk North, Minister George Lightbourne will find out if the PNPs in his district are satisfied with him enough to return him as a standard bearer; he is being challenged for the candidacy by Sharon Simons and the PNP constitution allows it.  That vote is from 6-8pm.

And Sabrina Green threw her hat into the race yesterday announcing that she will begin campaign stomping in Grand Turk, her home town as an independent candidate.  Green had offered to run on the PDM at large ticket but did not secure the nod.  “I didn’t see it as a rejection, I saw it as a redirection.”  Sabrina Green said her goal is to kick butt at the polls.

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