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Press Release – Oscar O’Brien Forbes



Providenciales, TCI, September 5th, 2016 – When the power is restored the glory will come!

Despite of their economic struggles, our forefathers held to the hope that they would one day change their condition through determination and hard work, earning for themselves, notable achievements and high honour. We are the continuation of our ancestors, their hopes and their dreams, which naturally obligates to improve on their efforts to obtain the Glory they pursued! We are uniquely skilled to the mission given our human capacity to reflect on our past and dream of a future that is informed by the mistakes and setbacks of that past.

In the Turks and Caicos Islands our climb is steep and our struggle fierce and hard because our democracy remains under siege by the heavy handed and resentful British government who have imposed on us a ‘Constitution’ that is lacking key elements of good governance which restricts our full enjoyment of our Divine Right to freedom and the power for self-determination. This document in effect misappropriates the power of the people into the hands of technocrats – a select few – who, while they may possess some competence, they lack accountability, because they have not been elected. Therefore the document is useless!

On one hand she’s The Mother of Democracy and the other the Architect of Slavery and at every turn she denies us this Glory that we seek. This contradiction in her historical positions speaks to the schizophrenic nature of Great Britain’s approach to oversight of the Colony and the wickedness our state of dependency. But if the power is restored, the Glory will come!

We have an escalating crime rate, which has adversely impacted the quality of life of The Turks and Caicos Islander and created a climate of fear and dread. Our homes are under the constant threat of invading bandits who target our Nissan Fugas, Sankey Televisions and Acer tablets, our personal symbols of achievement in our march toward Glory. This speaker is convinced that crime is a contributing factor to our country’s plummeting travel-ratings because even our tourists are not exempt from the tyranny of lawless men whom we seem unable to deter. But if the power is restored then the Glory will come!

Flaws in our border control attract Illegal migration, a prolonged and vexing plague on our society. And while there have been some successes with interceptions and repatriations, the general feeling is that Turks and Caicos has a leaky border that allows in all sorts of other contrabands like guns, drugs, gangsters and infectious diseases, forever changing the Turks and Caicos experience.  National Security is key to maintaining law and order and guaranteeing the continuance of our way of life. Government is responsible to protect the country and its citizens against all national threats. But if the power is restored, the Glory will come!

Our Public Service is challenged to meet the fundamentals of its Core Values because it is afflicted with redundancies and inefficiencies with no demonstrated ability to be proactive reactive to the growing and changing demands of the public. The Service is under resourced in technology, human assets, cogent policies, supplies and equipment all of which are required to create a public service that is professionally respected and able to serve the people with efficiency and effectiveness. The Public Service is not setup for the success of the Civil Servant, and this breeds antagonism and hatred between them and the general public. But if the power is restored, the Glory will come!

The current tax model for Turks and Caicos matches no best practice plan known to man. The haphazard nature tax hikes have proven to be, a heavy burden to existing businesses, it has endangered the middle-class and it hangs about the necks of the poor like a milestone on the head of a drowning man. The continuous indiscriminate tax hikes are and in the words of my Uncle Boogie “nothing but a down-drivement” to foreign investments! The surpluses that resulted from the fleecing of the Turks and Caicos Islands are being misrepresented, by this government, as fiscal prudence without taking into consideration the dwindling numbers of players in the economy or the threat of significant shortfalls next year – But if the power is restored, the Glory will come!

The Glory, we are toiling for, is not impossible to obtain, it is within our reach; we have had a glimpse of it before. While the gross missteps of the current regime have been a hindrance to our march to Glory, they are not alone in the struggle against us for there are fearsome giants on the landscape that also seek to undermine us:

There are Giants of special interests, who seek their selfish desires at the expense of everyone. Some come bearing treats to satisfy our immediate personal needs then work to deny us, not only the long-term gains that would result from a growing economy but also the power of self-sufficiency that makes us lords of our own destiny.

Consider the Giants of irrational emotionalism; they are the defenders of business-as-usual. They try to dull the sound of your conscience by getting loud and combative over petty issues. These behaviours corrupt good manners and expose their own fears of the very change in governance they also crave and deserve.

Then there are the Giants of political dynasties that cast long, ugly shadows of intimidation over the citizen statesmen, like me, who would dare to challenge the status quo and work with you, to usher in a new era of equal opportunity and fair play.  But Giants, they die! The bigger they come the harder they fall… I am willing and ready to sling rocks at Giants…

I am aligned with that silent majority who share the belief that, when the power is restored the Glory will come! We  are well able to obtain Glory without compromise while maintaining the highest moral standing. We have the strength of our conviction that Turks and Caicos is destined for greatness and we are worthy of it and we are the people to achieve it. We are driven by the fortitude and resilience of our fore parents who through sheer will and despite the British abandonment, overcame and reserved for us an inheritance, the head and not the tail, above and not beneath, a lender and not a borrower; This Glory, ladies and gentlemen, is our inheritance.

My beloved Turks and Caicos I have heard your calls for leadership that embodies our highest ideals and commands a deep respect for our rich cultural heritage. I have heard your cries for representation of your passions for a national identity that would produce a unifying national vision, because we have been weighed in the balances and found wanting. A response to your call however, will require that we all work together as a force for change to chart our course to Glory.

For all the challenges we have to our democracy, one of our greatest institutions still obtains, free and democratic elections. This is our opportunity to return the power to the people and lead the march to Glory!

I am the proud legacy of ESTHER VALERIA HALL-FORBES and FRANKLYN CYRENIUS FORBES natives of Bambarra, Middle Caicos. My parents provided a good life for their seven children, replete with religion in the Jumper tradition; a healthy appreciation for family and our cultural heritage; a sound education, good manners and the ethics of hard work. Throughout my life, these values have served me well in social and professional dealings and they showed up most notably in moments of challenge and conflict. It is these virtues I draw upon as I envision us working toward a Turks and Caicos that is United, Just and Free. Don’t change the guard now? If not now, when? For when the power is restored, the Glory will come! Wop Kon gorge!

My name is Oscar O’Brien Forbes, an All-Island Candidate in the upcoming General Elections

My fellow Turks and Caicos Islanders; We are blessed to live on the jewel of the Atlantic, which sits on the most fertile turquoise waters that continue to declare us as the envy of the world. We have also inherited, from our God fearing ancestors, brotherly love and neighbourliness, which are pillars of civilization and characteristics our Creator proclaims, are beautiful by nature. Give me an x and receive an Oscar!


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Bahamas News

The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, Investments & Aviation  “Bringing The Bahamas” to Cities Across the Globe



#TheBahamas, August 16, 2022 – The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, Investments, and Aviation will launch a series of Global Sales and Marketing Missions through May 2023, beginning in Florida and New York next month. Missions are planned for the USA, Latin America, Canada, United Kingdom and Europe.

“As the catalyst to the growth and development of the Tourism industry these past 50+ years, the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism is focused on the maximization of the return on our investment,” said the Honourable I. Chester Cooper, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism, Investments, and Aviation.

DPM Cooper and Acting Director General of Tourism, Latia Duncombe, will lead the missions.

“We’ve invited a cross-section of hoteliers and stakeholders to join the missions in promoting our Brand as the industry rebounds, and as we work to generate new leads and recapture market share,” said Mrs. Duncombe.

The BMOTIA senior executive members will meet with wholesalers, travel specialists, media contacts, potential investors, airlines, and corporate stakeholders. During these events, attendees will have the opportunity to:

  • Meet Tourism specialists across the product segments
  • Engage in questions and answers
  • Learn about new developments and product offerings by key industry stakeholders
  • Experience Bahamian culture through local cuisine, music, cocktails, and special Junkanoo performances, which will be making its triumphant return to Nassau.

Having maintained “It’s Better in The Bahamas” appeal, the myriad of hotel brands – all-inclusive and self-catering properties – complements the Ministry’s 16-island identification of diverse cultures and experiences.

ADG Duncombe confirmed that the industry’s forecast for the remainder of the year and through March 2023 is very promising, and marketing initiatives will further concretize the Bahamas’ Global Brand. “We hope these events will inspire our partners, leaders, and representatives, and that we will collectively keep the heartbeat of our economy alive by working together,” she said.

The “Bringing The Bahamas to You” Global Missions will bring a taste of Bahamian culture across the globe to inspire travel to the destination.

For more information, please visit

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Bahamas News

2023 Bahamas Charter Yacht Show Announcement




#TheBahamas, August 16, 2022 – The Association of Bahamas Marinas (ABM), in conjunction with the International Yacht Brokers Association (IYBA), and the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, Investments and Aviation, is proud to announce the 2023 Bahamas Charter Yacht Show (BCYS), to be held in Nassau, Bahamas on February 23rd – 26th, 2023. 

The 2023 Bahamas Charter Yacht Show will be one of the top international charter shows in the world, and bring together charter yachts, charter yacht brokers & managers, Bahamian marinas, marine & yacht trade companies.  Yacht charter has increased greatly in The Bahamas in the last ten years, and now plays an integral part in The Bahamas’ boating and yachting tourism, providing millions of dollars to the nation’s treasury in terms of charter fees, and millions directly into the Bahamian economy through direct expenditures. 

The goal of the BCYS is to (1) allow charter yachts that charter in the islands of The Bahamas to showcase their yachts and crew to charter brokers and charter managers from around the world, (2) allow marinas and resort properties from around The Bahamas to showcase their individual locations, and (3) allow local Bahamian companies that cater to and benefit from yachts being in The Bahamas, to showcase their products and services directly to the yachts and charter brokers. 

This year’s show is based primarily in downtown Nassau and will include the following marinas and properties:  

  • Baystreet Marina 
  • Atlantis Resort & Marina 
  • Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina
  • Nassau Yacht Haven Marina
  • The Pointe Marina
  • Margaritaville Beach Resort & Marina Nassau

In addition, ABM marinas from throughout The Bahamas will be on hand sharing what makes their Out Island destinations perfect for yacht charters. 

The Bahamas Charter Yacht Show is comprised of a partnership with the Association of Bahamas Marinas, The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, Investments & Aviation, and the International Yacht Brokers Association (IYBA).  The 2023 Bahamas Charter Yacht Show is chaired by Joe

Dargavage, Managing Partner of the Romora Bay Resort & Marina and President of the Association of Bahamas Marinas, Ms. Erika Feszt, Assistant Manager and Peter Maury, General Manager of Baystreet Marina, and Ms. Laura Garcia, Partner at United Island & Yacht. 

For all information, visit   


Erika Feszt 


Cell: (242) 447-9617 

Office: (242) 676-7000 

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Bahamas News

PM Davis says Regional UNFCCC Meeting Attendees share a ‘determination to make important progress’ on climate change issues




Bahamas Information Services


#NASSAU, The Bahamas, August 16, 2022 –  – During his Official Remarks at the Opening Plenary Session of the Caribbean Regional Heads of Government Meeting in Preparation for the United Nations Climate Change Conference of The Parties 27 (COP 27), on August 16, 2022, Prime Minister of The Bahamas and Minister of Finance the Hon. Philip Davis noted to attendees that they all shared a determination to make important progress together in the coming days.

“As many of you know, the end of August and the beginning of September has become a very poignant time on the Bahamian calendar,” Prime Minister Davis pointed out, at the Meeting, held at Baha Mar Convention Centre.  “September 1st will make three years since Hurricane Dorian landed on our shores.”

“The physical, psychological, social, and economic damages are still very much with us,” he added.  “Across the world, we’ve seen the intense heatwaves, wildfires, and droughts that are further, terrible evidence of the accelerating impact of climate change.”

Prime Minister Davis said that, with the climate changing faster than predicted, the challenges they all faced were stark; but they were “not insurmountable”.

“One thing is clear: success will require collective action,” he said.

“If we advance our interests merely as individual Small Island Developing States, our voices will be dispersed, unable to be heard above louder, wealthier, carbon-producing interests,” he added.

Prime Minister Davis said: “Friends: There really is strength in numbers; and if we stand together, we are less likely to fall apart.  And so this regional meeting is critical.  Our shared characteristics go beyond our physical geography.

“We need to find effective, efficient ways to adapt to new realities,” he added.  “We have to re-structure our lives and our living environment to mitigate against the disasters which are becoming more frequent and more severe.

“Easy to say – much harder to pay for.”

Prime Minister Davis noted that the Caribbean had been identified as the region with the largest number of indebted countries.  He said that while there were multiple reasons for this, in many cases a major contributor to debt is borrowing associated with recovery efforts from the impact of climate change.

“Here in The Bahamas, we undertook an exercise which revealed that more than 50% of our outstanding debt can be linked to the impacts of the hurricanes which descended on us between 2015 and 2019,” Prime Minister Davis said.  “Our countries are struggling with debts accumulated by climate disasters.”

He added:  “What does this mean for the development of our nations, when our risk profile is becoming so severe that insurers question their willingness to offer risk facilities to offset climate disasters?  Put simply, we are in danger of becoming uninsurable.”

Prime Minister Davis said that many, if not all, of the countries represented at the Meeting had already faced challenges in accessing climate-related funds.

By acting in “common cause”, he said, they could move with more authority and with greater impact to address legacy issues which have held them back from making meaningful progress.

“This is not to say that there aren’t differences among us,” he noted.  “With some issues, we can agree to disagree.  With others, we can use this forum to find and build consensus before we engage with our colleagues around the world.”

Prime Minister Davis said that COP26 in Glasgow promised a renewed commitment to act.   He noted that in the prior two weeks, both the United States and Australia had taken “historic” steps forward to address emissions.

“But the conflict in Ukraine, spiraling inflation in energy costs along with other goods and services, and significant disruption to supply chains, have put pressures on the promises to restrain carbon emissions around the world,” Prime Minister Davis said.

“The progress in the United States and Australia is important,” he pointed out.  “The world’s wealthiest and most powerful countries generate 80% of global emissions. They can act – when they choose to.”

“Their progress also shows nothing is inevitable, in this great fight of our time,” Prime Minister Davis pointed out.  “We cannot get stuck, or allow others to languish in inaction, when forward motion is required.”

Prime Minister noted that there was much room for innovation.

“I don’t just mean technological innovation – I also mean innovation in the way we think about climate challenges and solutions,” he said.  “Consider, for example, the Call to Action on Living Lands (CALL), which emerged from the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in Rwanda earlier this summer.

“The Call to Action highlights the importance of building natural resilience by stopping and reversing biodiversity loss, and developing nature-based and ecosystem-based approaches to combating climate change.”

Prime Minister Davis noted that, if it was true that almost all of the hard work fighting climate change lies ahead of them all, it was also true that their ingenuity was up to the challenge.

“And so, Friends, I encourage your most active and vigorous participation in these discussions.  Let us bring our best ideas to the table,” he said.  “Let us work together to construct a joint solution in respect of climate risk insurance and other climate risk facilities.

“And let us take practical steps to improve access to climate finance.”

Prime Minister Davis noted that they were well-aware that, going into COP27, work was underway to advance the implementation of a Santiago Network on Loss and Damage, along with the establishment of a Loss and Damage Facility.

“These are important tools to support our countries,” he said.

“However, we also need to ensure that risk or insurance facilities are also in the toolbox of solutions to help our people,” Prime Minister Davis added.  “Access to climate finance should not be unclear or cumbersome. And the application of per capita overseas development assistance eligibility should not be taken as the main consideration for offering climate finance; if so, means that many Caribbean states would be frozen out from the start.”

Prime Minister Davis said that they should all work together to advance the use of a Multi-Dimensional Vulnerability Index to reflect the true needs of Small Island Developing States; and work to persuade donors and partners to ensure that all SIDS are eligible for access to bilateral climate financing.

“Colleagues, we are at an important time, when the New Collective Quantified Goal on Climate Finance is currently being assessed by countries operating within the UNFCCC framework,” he said.

“If we can do the heavy lifting here, our chances of success are greatly improved,” he added.  “We are more likely to avoid the mistakes of the past.

“And we will have a greater chance of securing better futures for us all.”

Prime Minister Davis said that it was his “fervent hope” that the meeting becomes an annual event, one where common interests, shared objectives and mutually-accepted protocols, lead to “outcomes which will ensure our very survival”.

“It is no exaggeration to say that our very lives depend on it; and the only way forward is together,” he said.


Photo Caption: Prime Minister of The Bahamas and Minister of Finance the Hon. Philip Davis speaks, on August 16, 2022 at Baha Mar, during his Official Remarks at the Opening Plenary Session of the Caribbean Regional Heads of Government Meeting in Preparation for the United Nations Climate Change Conference of The Parties 27 (COP 27), which will take place in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt in November.

(BIS Photos/Eric Rose)


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