Over 430 Beaches Employees get M3 Sales Training Certification

Providenciales, TCI, September 9, 2016 – In an ongoing effort to continuously improve sales service standard, Beaches Turks & Caicos Resorts Villages & Spa invited luxury travel sales guru, Geoffrey Fullerton of the Fullerton Management Group to once again host his highly successful M3 Sales & Service Training.

M3 Sales, which stands for Mindset, Mission & Moves of luxury travel professionals is a comprehensive training system designed to have its attendees apply the most successful mindset, mission and moves of highly successful luxury travel professionals including the revenue areas of various resort such as Beaches TCI.

Fullerton, founder and CEO of the Fullerton Management Group, delivered the training to 430 managers and staff at the resort using its Mindset, Mission & Moves approach, a highly interactive mixed media training system designed for luxury travel professionals.

Attendees say the training is life changing, empowering easy to understand and apply. On such successful attendees was Resort shop clerk Monisheka Fobes who attribute her success to Mr. Fullerton’s M3 course, “I work in the Resort Shop at Beaches Turks & Caicos.” She said, “I made a list of things that I wanted to accomplish and out of that list I have accomplished one of my major goals, which was to buy my own house. I have actually lived up to it and I now have my own home. I am very thankful for the M3 Training; it has taught me a lot. Now, I am just going out and pushing through to make a difference in my life.”

The end goal of the M3Sales   training is for attendees to raise revenue and returning guest counts through 7 key objectives. They will become more self-confident, willing to communicate with anyone, anywhere, anytime. This improves their skills to effectively present their products/services, raise their personal level of production and enjoy their work on a more fulfilling level. The end result is increased profits for the organizations that apply the M3 principles.

“I am very impressed with the outstanding attendance, motivation and results when I come to Beaches Turks & Caicos.” Said Fullerton “The professionals who attend are motivated, engaged and very result oriented. From the executives to the heads of departments, the dedication is gratifying.”

When asked Mr. Fullerton what motivation that led you to conduct this training he said the Caribbean region and culture has great potential for development that could have a global impact but was largely underserved with resources underutilized. Fullerton felt his expertise could draw out, nurture and develop the cultural potential of the Caribbean people. This led him to adopt the goals of a) Enhancing the economic standing of those trained by Fullerton Management Group and b) improving the reputation of the Caribbean people, both native and adopted.

The wins and successes are evident with close to 100% of the M3 graduates submitting written success stories based on actual application.” Said Fullerton

According to Beaches Turks & Caicos Managing Director Don Dagenais, “Geoffrey’s program is so well received we’ve suggested that he return in November for his advanced M3 Training System.”

The training is part of Fullerton Management Group’s travels this year through six countries delivering training to 23 other Sandals Beaches resorts and is focused on helping attendees achieve greater success through the improvement of skills, making their work more lucrative and fulfilling.

“M3 has been so wonderful! I used to be really laid back and so quiet you would not even notice I am there. It has helped me to start interacting with Talents and Guests. M3 helped me to persuade guests to book their next vacation for a couple months. Now I am powerful! ” Ally – Food & Beverage.

Fullerton Management Group, founded by Geoffrey Fullerton, a Jamaica native, is a sales, service and leadership training company for luxury resorts and duty-free retail sales organizations. Clients include Sandals Resorts International, Secrets Resorts, The John Bull Group of Companies and other luxury retailers throughout the Caribbean.



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