Parnell defends Party Leader and calls charge by Fulford foolishness

Providenciales, TCI, September 7, 2016 – Treating has long been an election season violation; Candidates or entities supporting Candidates are not permitted to give anything free to anyone, even Kool-aide and school supplies.

Mark Fulford, the PNPs man for North and Middle Caicos was among those affected by the notice issued by the Elections Supervisor.

Among those Fulford blamed for the rule is Leader of the PDM, Sharlene Robinson; and recently the PDM Chairman and Cheshire Hall & Richmond Hill Candidate, Doug Parnell went on record to say the charge by Fulford is foolishness.

“I just want to go on record as saying look, this is foolishness .  That person who responded and put that statement out is reaching, desperately reaching, trying to lay blame on our leader for his failure in his back to school planning, I mean that has nothing to do with the leader of the opposition.” – Doug Parnell

Parnell said to blame Hon Robinson because she served in the interim administration lacks logic, as the PNP Deputy Leader also served there.

“The current Deputy Leader of the PNP was the chair of the consultative forum for such a long time so, I mean it’s really hypocrisy for any potential candidate to come and point blame and try to connect the dots to our leader over his failure to properly organize a back to school program.  Listen, the people in North and Middle Caicos, yes they need help, you want to help them, donate those things to the school that you’d like, and after you donate, thank us here at the PDM for giving you that idea.” – Doug Parnell

The PDM Chairman reminded that the interim administration, whom Fulford blasts for the antiquated, poorly written legislation was given power to run the country, when the constitution was suspended due to systemic corruption pointed at his current client.

“The constitution was suspended because of the allegations of systemic corruption, and I think that candidate is a main defense attorney  in defending some of those persons, that’s the first thing.  That is why we have an interim government, it isn’t because of something else.” – Doug Parnell

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