Clarence Selver to make big announcement at Regent Palms today

Providenciales, TCI, August 5, 2016 – In the past week, the list of who is entering front line politics has grown exponentially… there is Jas Walkin, an educator from North Caicos; there is Damian Wilson, talk show host and media man from Grand Turk; there is Courtney Missick, talk show host and farmer from Kew in North Caicos and arguably most controversial of all, is Hon Clarence Selver.

Selver is a 40 year PDM supporter and current House of Assembly member appointed to parliament by his party but who tomorrow will reveal officially, that he is running in the crowded at large race as an independent.  Selver, has made it no secret that he believes the selection process within his PDM party for the five all island standard bearers was flawed, that he was treated unfairly and is repeatedly being denied the right to run on the PDM ticket and without explanation.

At 1pm at the Regent Palms he will tell the nation, according to our interview with him on Thursday, that he does not plan to resign as he is a PDM; that he does not plan to resign from Parliament as the PDM did not constitutionally appoint him and that if the People’s Democratic Movement wants him to vacate the spot, then they will have to do what they can to remove him… but that he is not going.  Adamant, firm, fixed and focused are some ways to describe the tone of voice of Hon Clarence Selver who has been a power house in the House of Assembly, and is a three time winning representative for North Caicos who has now determined that it is still his time and he will not be denied.

The PDM has constitutional provisions, they say to deal with this unprecedented situation.  We asked Hon Selver, why he would not resign and how he feels remaining in the House sitting on the same side with a party he is currently at odds with.  There was only the reply that the process was flawed and that he will return to the PDM fold, and that when he does… it will be for the leadership of the party.

The PDM Leader has responded that the doors are open for Clarence Selver to return, but points out that Hon Selver was given the opportunity to serve in the House of Assembly and at least one committee by the hand of the Opposition.  We wait to see if that hand will be pulled back, and if so, what the Governor will then do.


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