Are you prepared for this year’s hurricane season?

Providenciales, TCI, August 9, 2016 – August starts the peak of the Atlantic Hurricane Season; and the Department of Disaster Management and Emergencies says if you are not yet ready, you should rush to be ready.  Even though there is the focus this month on back to school with fees and uniforms and supplies having to be purchased, Dr. Virginia Clerveaux says smart shopping allows residents to get it all done.

“Put one or two items in your basket that you know is designated for emergency response activity.  Some of the food that you’re shopping for your kids, some persons would buy sardines, or the spaghetti, these are also back to school supplies and they’re also hurricane supplies.  So we just need to be selective in terms of what we purchase.  Ensure that it can have dual use.”

We learned in our one on one with Dr. Clerveaux that its best to have enough food for you and your family over three days; after that Government is mandated to come in with relief.

“After three days the government will step in to assist you, but what I’ve always encouraged persons, my friends and family, you do not want to be in any line  waiting for the government to give you food or anything.  It’s going to be frustrating, it’s going to be based on the most vulnerable persons getting food first.  And food at times will run out, because we do have suppliers on standby that will provide us with the food, but the food is going to come after seventy two hours.  If you don’t have the food for the first seventy hours then you are in a difficult situation.”

Dr. Clerveaux reminded that history dictates that the Turks and Caicos infamously saw all of its bad storms in the peak season.

“Category 3-5 hurricanes are associated with very strong winds, so you should have your hurricane shutters in place, ensure that you have you sand bags and they are filled.  You should not wait until the warning is issued, to begin to ask for sandbags and then to ask for sand.”

Next time, we talk shelters and volunteers.


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