Division of Islanders leading to disenfranchisement

Racial and ethnic discrimination is leading to economic disenfranchisement of indigenous entrepreneurs some four decades after the late, Right Excellent JAGS McCartney pronounced that it would if, Turks and Caicos Islanders did not learn the art of political unity for national prosperity of the indigenous peoples.
The potency of this over 40 year old speech, entitled ‘Unity’ and delivered again on Monday, National Heroes Day by the Grand daughters of the Rt Excellent JAGS – was undeniable, as was the relevance of the message which for many still rings true.
Main speaker for the annual memorial service, Pastor Bradley Handfield, would follow the two girls with his own version of the same. 
The theme for this year’s National Heroes Day memorial service, where wreaths were laid at the grave site of Rt Excellent JAGS was ‘the Power of Oneness.’ 
Rt Excellent James Alexander George Smith McCartney is remembered annually since his tragic, sudden death by plane crash in 1980 over New Jersey; he was just 34 years old as the country’s first Chief Minister.

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