Tourism Pitch In Houston Impresses 45 Year Travel Agent

Travellers are not asking for the Turks and Caicos specifically when they call Trosh Travel in Houston, Texas so it was good that TeamTCI came and shared more about our destination so that agents like Susan Garner, who has been in the industry some 45 years are more knowledgable about the vacation offering of our islands.

(SG) “No they’re not asking but they don’t know, you have to educate them.  How are we doing that?  Talking to them, telling them what they can do versus where they’ve been.  Find out where they have been if you don’t know.” 

Susan’s candor about what guests want when they are planning a holiday exposes the reality that it is a highly competitive race in the push for increased guests.  With the Premier, Hon Dr. Rufus Ewing and Tourism Minister, Hon Porsha Smith headlining the pitch; Susan says it makes her feel more inclined to recommend the TCI to her widely travelled clientele.

(SG) “When I go on trips like these, I haven’t been on alot, but when I go, I learn so much more that if I go sponsored by one hotel or  one other place.  You see a lot more and you know a lot more.  And you can offer many many other things to do.”   

The Premier’s Road Show has as its next stop, Dallas… tonight.  Still to go, LA, Chicago and New York.

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