Police looking for Mickey Mouse mask wearing robber

Someone must have seen a man in a Mickey Mouse mask as he robbed a North Caicos grandmother early on Monday at the Heaving Down Rock marina. 
Police tell an almost unbelievable story, the accounts of the woman thrown to the ground and robbed of her valuables just after getting to shore following her ferry ride from North Caicos. 
A man of slim build, standing 5’ 11” tall with a gun and wearing a Mickey Mouse mask robbed the business owner of her purse, documents and vehicle. 
That light blue Dodge Caravan has since been recovered in Long Bay Hills; Mrs. Handfield of My Dee’s stores in North Caicos is a prominent TCI business owner and community matriarch, Police say she was not hurt in the ambush. 
If you have any information please contact Crime Stoppers – 1-800-TIPS.

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