Taxi Drivers in stand-off over new Beaches Resort agreement

Beaches Resort reportedly in February made known a plan to try a new ground transportation provider which would take effect April 1, 2016. 
This is the same new agreement which has already spawned protests from taxi drivers who are now out of this loop and according to them, out of significant earnings. Prior to this new arrangement, drivers who are members of the Provo Taxi Bus and Group Ltd once enjoyed the benefits financially of moving guests into and out of Beaches; oday that no longer exists since March 31
The protests have led scores of drivers to government’s doorstep for help and Magnetic Media is told that the Premier has gotten involved and is working as mediator between Beaches and the so called disenfranchised drivers.  According to one taxi union executive, the Premier believes this arrangement may be in contravention to the ordinance, as taxi plates are not privately owned but belong to government and with that in mind there ought to be equity for all drivers, no preferential treatment through private contracts.
Meanwhile, the drivers who have this exclusive with the resort – albeit a trial arrangement we are told – yesterday held a press conference to say they are doing nothing wrong.  They claim any taxi vehicle can drop off the guests, theirs is just an agreement to move guests out from Beaches and to the airport. 
The group of 38 drivers explain that all Turks and Caicos Islanders and that their company – Unique Taxi and Bus Group – moves guests out of Beaches only, that they do not work from the airport.
Unique Taxi and Bus Group believes the other taxi drivers are being greedy.

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