Hundreds to vote in TCI Public Sector elections

Hundreds of government employees will head to the polls tomorrow to select their new top executives for the Civil Servants Association.

There is an election for President and Vice president and those with their ear to the ground convey that it will be a true challenge, especially in the presidential category.

Our unofficial political pundit, who is also a well respected civil servant, shared that the debates were defining moments, and that both Patterson Williams and Dr. Virginia Clerveaux were stellar in their presentation of the most vexing problems and critical concerns to the public sector.

Clerveaux has run a sophisticated campaign over social and mobile media which has hit hot button issues including a return of gratuity while Williams is favored because he is seen as a long time advocate of treating government workers more fairly.

Polls open tomorrow at 9am (April 7); already the Deputy Governor has called a press conference for next week to give whomever the winners are, a chance to speak to the nation.

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