CSA Election Day: 2,000 go to the polls

Two thousand government employees will have a chance to vote today at 18 sites around the country for the next president and vice president of the Civil Servants Association.

The election is managed by the Civil Servants in Action group, or CSIA, which was formed by the Deputy Governor’s office this year.

The times for voting are staggered and varied and sites are mainly the schools; but this will not interrupt class times as government schools will function as usual.

Magnetic Media tried to ascertain, through to early and informal polling, if there was a clear winner for who will lead the CSA through the next two years, but those close to the action hesitate to offer a favorite. What we did gather, is that both Patterson Williams and Viriginia Clerveaux – candidates for president – have assertively articulated convincing plans for dealing with equity on the job and gratuity for government staff.

Magnetic Media was also informed that the debates held in the various islands were very revealing. The last CSA election was held in 2011 and won by Rufus Ewing, who as we all know went on to become the Premier of the country. The CSA had remained almost dormant, certainly not tackling any issues on behalf of the public sector, since 2012 once Dr. Ewing became PNP Party Leader and Premier so this vote today is significant to better representation for the sector.

One ID is all which is required for these government workers to vote; they also do not have to be Turks and Caicos Islands citizens.

Magnetic Media has also confirmed that Police, nor statutory board members are included in this election.

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