New Nature Trail in Middle Caicos highlights Caicos Pine

IMG_2539Providenciales, 10 Nov 2015 – Seven years of work in the bushes has created a new nature trail experience in Middle Caicos which the crafters of it are calling, the Caicos Pine Yard Trail.

Bryan Naqqi-Manco is the Caicos Pine Recovery Project Manager and he explains in the announcement issued yesterday that it is a .45 mile long trek, with 16 stopping points within a native pine yard.

Bryan says it a new experience which unravels the life and habitat of the Caicos Pine, found primarily in Middle Caicos. “Each stopping point is related to the corresponding text in the trail guide brochure, providing an explanation about the plants, animals, habitat, threats and conservation measures. The trail can be self-guided (brochure available on site) or guided tours by local ecotourism companies and local guides can be arranged by contacting DEMA’s office in Providenciales.”

The Caicos Pine is the national tree of the Turks and Caicos and it is listed in the IUCN Red List of threatened species as ‘vulnerable.’

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