Opposition says: Govt slow to restore construction industry; 12-storey debacle no surprise

Providenciales, 23 Nov 2015 – The People’s Democratic Movement says it is not surprised a judge has ruled that the PNP Administration did not do things right in relation to that 12-storey development; the Opposition Leader was speaking in a media statement to the embarrassing situation where a judgment reversed approval for developers to go forward with the building.

The PDM calls the attempt by Cabinet a haphazard approach to law and one that is not costing the players directly, but one that is costing the public.

The Chief Justice ordered government to pay the legal costs of the complainants.

Hon. Sharlene Robinson also exposed that the PNP Administration has been slow to move on inward investment projects. “… the PNP Government has had 3 years… Their lack of a sense of urgency to get construction projects restarted and new development off the ground is shameful and displays a total lack of being in touch with the real suffering that the construction industry has been going through for the last 7 years.”

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