A Pearl wins Graceway Supermarkets prize car

IMG_5062Providenciales, 23 Nov 2015 – A winner was announced to the Turks and Caicos on Friday of that 2016 Hyundai i10 courtesy of Graceway Supermarkets and it was a 30 year employee with the Treasury Department. Pearl Bernadin had the key that started the car which was set up at Smart Grocery store down town.

Winning Moment:
(Screaming, Cheering… when car starts)
Deandrea: “How fast is your heart beating right now?
Pearl: “…very fast!”
Deandrea: “…have you ever won anything before?”
Pearl: “Not really, this is actually my first time…”
Deandrea: “…and you did it big when you did it!”
Pearl: “…exactly!”
A priceless moment, truly! Congratulations, again to Pearl she gets her 2016 vehicle in a few weeks from Hyundai TCI.

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