PDA Party Leader slams PNP and British; calls for money to fix water woes in Capital

Providenciales, 27 Aug 2015 – Explanations by the UK about that $2.2 million spending are not sitting well with the newly formed Progressive Democratic Alliance party; Oswald Skippings calls the elected government weak.

In a media statement he asks: “How can these members of the House of Assembly that comprise of attorneys, medical professionals, businessmen, bankers, a real estate executive and a hotel developer just sit on their political laurels and swallow the Colonial totalitarian crud that the British is pushing down their open throats on a daily basis.”

Strong words from the PDA leader, Skippings, who also focused on the water shortage issues as more important than paying off the former, and as he put it, ‘incompetent’ Attorney General, paying for expensive lawyers in what he labeled as ‘frivolous court cases’ and covering the security bill of the SIPT.

It was pointed out that the, “Community College is affected from water shortages, where Senior Citizens cannot bathe sometimes at the Wellness Center because of water shortages and families and businesses are negatively affected as well.”

Since early June, Grand Turk has not had enough water to source the entire island; it’s been nearly three months with no definite end in sight. The former Chief Minister said there is no representation and said an election is needed, sooner rather than later.

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