UK support to TCI Nat’l Security limited; London meeting to build skills

Providenciales, 06 Jul 2015 – When it comes to National Security the United Kingdom is responsible, but when media asked what the UK would be prepared to do in the light of statistics showing a rise in crime and boost in more heinous acts of crime in the territory so far for 2015; Commissioner James Smith said nothing – at least not on the ground.

“In terms of practical things on the streets of TCI; nothing. In terms of sharing of knowledge, in terms of working together to make sure we are using best practice and making sure all appropriate arrangements are in place for sharing of training facilities, of mutual aide connections in other Caribbean Territories that’s what we’re reinforcing. So I’ll be going there, I will have a meeting with the Foreign Office Minister to talk about TCI, along with the Governor but I will be meeting with the College Policing; I’ll be meeting with the National Crime Agency and a variety of other groups in the UK to take away new knowledge and best practice.”

The Commissioner and Governor are gearing up for a meeting in London where crime fighting techniques and solutions and other issues will be raised with counterparts; he anticipates gleaning information in support of best practices.

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