Home Break ins reveal sneaky trend; Man sent to jail two months

Providenciales, 13 Jul 2015 – A number of home break-ins in Provo for police to look into, but here too there is need of public help. One in Turtle Cove, one in Blue Hills and another in Kew Town happening last week Wednesday – the Turtle Cove incident was just before 10am; the Blue Hills incident between 8am and 1pm and the Kew Town report was last Wednesday evening.

In each case, no one was at home and items like TVs and computers were stolen; in the Turtle Cove break in, police could not tell what was missing but the residence was ransacked.

Magnetic Media is learning of a trend where it seems the thieves are breaking in, taking out residents’ stuff, hiding the stolen items in bushes near the home and likely waiting for nightfall to come back for the hot goods. Police, in the Blue Hills case recovered all of the stolen items when they searched near the home.

Grand Turk had a scarier report, the man breaking in around 12:30am and got a screeching scream when the home owner sensed him standing over her while she lay in her bed; in that case the man fled the house on South School Lane.

The court has handed down a two month sentence per charge to 20 year old Rolyn Cassema of Haiti, the so called escape artist, he goes to HMP for unlawful entry and escaping police custody. The charges will run concurrently.

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