Caribbean LED in Turks and Caicos says big power bill savings

Providenciales, 10 Jul 2015 – LED lighting is fast taking over incandescent lighting for three distinct reasons according to the latest research; they last longer, they give better performance and they are more energy efficient. The country has been inundated with sellers of LED lighting systems, but one who is here on the ground, all of the time is offering both the products and expertise with a made in the Caribbean label. We spoke to Nigel Wardle, President of Caribbean LED which is based at the Salt Mills Plaza. “Well the big deal is that we pay a lot of electricity here as we do through most of the Caribbean. One of the immediate advantages of LED lighting is that is uses about 50 to 60% less power, less wattage from the utility company and therefore you see immediate savings in your bills.”

Consultations are going well Wardle says, and if one doubts the performance of these bulbs, we are encouraged to pop by Salt Mills Plaza at night… they have totally swapped out the incandescent bulbs for the LED variety at Caribbean LED. “Everything we sell is guaranteed for three years and if it fails for any reason you just bring it back to us and we’ll replace it. So if somebody is concerned about the payback of paying a little extra for an LED light bulb, just think about what kind of warranty you get from buying a regular light bulb that may fail after three months.”

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