Actions revealed for Energy Solutions by TCI EUC, Cummings

OCT Energy SolutionsProvidenciales, 16 Jul 2015 – Get rid of all incandescent light bulbs throughout the territory by the year 2016; that is just one of the bold and some would say sensible proposals in a sustainable energy pitch by the country’s Energy Commissioner, Malike Cummings.

Compact Fluorescent lights and LED lighting are much smarter options says Cummings who believes in phasing out what most people have and even running pilot projects for LED lighting on street lamps. Another action identified by Mr. Cummings when he presented on day one at the Summit of OCT Energy Ministers under the theme ‘Sustainable Energy Solutions from the Poles to the Tropics’ in Brussels, Belgium was that new construction projects should only use solar powered water heaters and that Governments be more prepared to offer concessions to developers who build with energy efficiency top of mind.

Malike Cummings shared with his counterparts at the conference that overseas Caribbean Territories are characterized by high energy costs and prices, archaic legislative and regulatory frameworks and limited uptake of renewable energy and energy efficient projects.

A draft energy policy, authored by Cummings has been written and ready for review since November 2014.

Malike Cummings and Susan Malcolm represented the Turks and Caicos at the conference held last month.

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