Pelagic Study stop yields law suit; Blue Hills Member calls for Interim Govt investigation

South Caicos FishProvidenciales, 19 Jun 2015 – During House of Assembly debate yesterday, member for Blue Hills, Goldray Ewing called for there to be an investigation into the Interim Administration resulting from a reported law suit filed against TCIG when the House of Assembly voted to terminate the long line fishing study. Ewing requested information on how much the law suit was costing the TCI and questioned the validity of any settlement with the group.

This brought cautions from the governing side and the Attorney General; who said the Member from Blue Hills ought not have the information he claimed to have; it was labeled a breach in protocol because he seemed to have Cabinet minutes. In fact, AG Rhondalee Knowles informed the House Speaker that he was wrong for asking that the Government responds to the question raised by the Member from Blue Hills as the government is not under an obligation to do so. Hon Goldray Ewing, in wrapping up his question on the pelagic fish study had said if the former PNP Administration could be investigated for alleged ‘bad governance’, then so could the UK Interim Administration.

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