Provo Road Runners contest challenging residents to beat the bulge

IMG_4319Providenciales, 11 May 2015 – Nutrition, exercise plus commitment… if you do these things you can be successful; that was the opening message for the dozens of residents of Providenciales who signed up for a weight loss and health program which spans six weeks. The Provo Road Runners Biggest Loser Challenge is launched and it is all about making a lifestyle commitment to dropping those unnecessary and unhealthy extra pounds. Corporate TCI came on board to make the event happen in concert with Provo Road Runners, a group which started four years ago with some walkers turned joggers turned half marathoners and even full marathoners. Among the companies making the challenge possible are NW Hamilton, Parrot Cay, Club Med, Point Grace, Flamingo Pharmacy, West Bay Club, Graceway Sports Center and Carambola Express. Once the small registration is paid, there are free workouts, nutrition seminars and group challenges. Besides a slimmer healthier you, there is the motivation of cash prizes for the three biggest losers – first place gets $1,000. The Provo Road Runners Biggest Loser wraps up June 6th… just in time for participants to sport more svelte summer bodies.

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