Permanent Secretaries in Civil Service College at home

Providenciales, 26 May 2015 – Back to school for the country’s Permanent Secretaries, so to speak, as the Deputy Governor reports that since earlier today the UK Civil Service College is in country with a three day training called the Technical Assistance Program. The DG, Anya Williams said the trainers were brought in to deliver a program designed to: Support the processes and principles of good government and to contribute to well-founded and effective policy and decision-making; take a more strategic view in relation to planning, organisational development and resource management and the achievement of key outcomes and priorities and to translate what they have learned into effective leadership and actions which are practicable and achievable in their own context.” So far this program has provided support to Immigration & Border Control and Customs and continues to provide support in many areas including Public Financial Management, EU Funding and Refinancing.

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