Mike Misick Lawyer takes case to Privy Council in London

Providenciales, 07 May 2015 – Four Lords and a Lady will determine whether Justice Paul Harrison is indeed capable of acting and whether or not he has been acting with impartiality and independence as the Justice overseeing the controversial cases brought by Special Prosecutor Helen Garlick.

A TCI attorney has left for London and a Privy Council hearing to present a case where he contends there is a double standard and injustice in the judiciary being perpetuated in these islands.

Mark Fulford of F Chambers Law firm explained that he is a serious student of law adding that there is a lot wrong with events unraveling in the aftermath of the 2009 Commission of Inquiry.

In a press release, Fulford explained: “What we have experienced in the last 5 years has caused me the greatest of concern in my legal career. These cases as they have been arranged for prosecution seem to fall outside of the tradition of the English Legal tradition. For instance, retroactivity, where you pass a law to criminalize past conduct is inconsistent with that tradition and moves against clarity or predictability.”

While Fulford does not name the Islanders he is going to represent, it is widely known that some former government officials of the PNP 2007 elected government remain defendants in the SIPT trial and the court docket of the Privy Council in London gives case details, saying Mark Fulford represents ‘Michael Eugene Misick and others.’

Among the issues under contention is the removal of the automatic right to a trial by jury from the TCI Constitution; this had been challenged in the recent Constitutional Reform meetings held nationwide. While the report by the Commission is completed and turned into the Premier, there remains no new information revealed on what will happen to the recommendations within it.

Mr. Fulford shared that he finds it ironic that trial by jury is no longer automatic and mandatory in the TCI, when the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron in the House of Representatives, recently celebrated the privilege as a fundamental right.

Fulford said: “The right to jury trials is a fundamental feature of English justice, which the Right Honourable David Cameron, MP, Prime Minister of UK – in this year of the 800th Anniversary of Magna Carta – confirmed as the unalterable right of every British subject, on his feet in Parliament less than three months ago.”

Mark Fulford will make representation on Monday and Tuesday at the Privy Council and is expected to report back with an update. Go to MagneticMediaTV.com for a link to the case.

Info on the Privy Council Hearing can be found at: https://www.jcpc.uk/cases/jcpc-2015-0042.html

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