Crackdown coming for illegal business

Providenciales, 08 May 2015 – Government in Cabinet decided to crack down on illegal businesses. The Premier said while they are unaware of how many fall into this category, a task force will be established to level the playing field.

“Well just that. We don’t know how prevalent it is; we now anecdotally there are a number of individuals who are identified by community members who have established businesses, whom are being met with unfair competition, competition from individuals who we know do not have a business license or they may have a business license in a reserved or restricted category and they did not meet the criteria for it. So we would like to first of all establish the number of businesses, the nature of the businesses, whether or not they are compliant with the business licensing regulations and to have those individuals… the task force is not only business licensing, but Immigrations and Customs.”

This maneuver will also work to curb illegal employment and missed customs duty.

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