Blazing April temps increase power demand, FortisTCI promises no blackouts

fortisProvidenciales, 30 apr 2015 – FortisTCI told Magnetic Media that yes, the 90º temperatures for April have been uncommonly high and have led to surging demands in electricity consumption; but the power supplier to all islands in the TCI chain promises that they are nowhere near capacity and so service should not be disrupted as a result. Corporate Communications Manager, Talisha Simons points out that consumption has reached nearly the height of last year during the hotter months at 31.6 MW. While we did not get a percentage on where that puts consumer consumption of electricity, Fortis did say: “Sometimes the demand can increase in a very short period of time with just one major project connecting into the grid, therefore, proper long-term planning is essential to meeting customers’ needs, and to avoid rolling blackouts.”

Black outs in Nassau, Bahamas have led to a load shedding program and reports that residents at home may have to suffer the heat of Saturday and Sunday and sweat it out, while the IAAF World Relays is on at the National Stadium. But Minister of Sports for the Bahamas, Daniel Johnson, refutes the blunt analysis by BEC Chairman Leslie Miller, explaining that the stadium has its own generators if necessary which can run the entire sporting arena for five days. The Relays are on for two days this weekend and will be carried LIVE on ZNS.

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