Thank God for Rufus Ewing: Border Control Minister wants Premier to stay on as Leader

Providenciales, 10 Mar 2015 – Likely the most lavish public endorsement the Premier has ever had, and it came last week following the delivery of the Speech from the Throne.

“I don’t know what his plans are, but I pray to God that he would put his name forward again for the leadership of my party and for the leadership of my country. I’m not going to be doing that because I think the country is in good hands. I think at this time, Mr. Speaker, there are no better hands than the ones we have at the tiller.”

The incredible kudos came from the Border Control & Labour Minister, Donhue Gardiner, who said the country is with the best man at the helm; citing that the Turks and Caicos really needed two things after previous administrations. “In times like these we should be thanking God for the leadership of Rufus Ewing; sorry Mr. Speaker, of our Premier because Mr. Speaker, in times like these, not only do we need Jesus, in times like these we need a steady hand at the tiller,”

The Minister in defending the Throne Speech and supporting his government’s decisions gave a list of projects approved at Cabinet last week.

“Construction of the Bambarra slip extension in Middle Caicos, that is now under contract, Mr Speaker. The refurbishment of the Raymond Gardiner High School lab, that is now under contract Mr. Speaker; the Blue Hills dock repairs in Provo, that is under contract Mr. Speaker; completion of the auditorium at the HJ Robinson High school, that is under contract too; Mr. Speaker the design and construction of a brand new wellness center for Grand Turk, Mr. Speaker that is under contract. The Middle Caicos recreation park, that is under contract Mr. Speaker, phase one of that is under contract; the next phase will be provided for in this year’s budget. Mr. Speaker the construction of the Clement Howell High school canteen, Mr. Speaker that is under contract. The road development program for Three Mary’s Cay in North Caicos, that is under contract. Mr. Speaker, this week as well as you would see in this week’s Cabinet Statement refurbishment of the Sammy Been Plaza building for the Ministry of Border Control & Labour, that is under contract too,”

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