Deputy House Speaker pays tribute to Great TCI Women on Int’l Women’s Day

Providenciales, 11 Mar 2015 – Greater equality for women is being seen because women are proving their mettle inside and outside of the home; one of the messages delivered Sunday as the World commemorated: International Women’s Day. Among those addressing the packed sanctuary at Paradise Baptist Church were Deputy House Speaker, Hon Josephine Connolly – a woman in politics, business, a wife, mother, sportswoman and civic activist – who reminded that this year’s theme is: ‘Step Out, Step Up, Let’s make it Happen.’ Connolly, as the Shadow Cabinet Minister for Education (PDM) said: “We, as women, have proven over the years that our contributions are not limited to child rearing and being housewives and having a pretty face. We have made many strides towards equality – holding top positions in Government and private sector, owning businesses, bridging the gap between salaries paid to male as against female and holding positions that were once male dominated…” She acknowledged Turks and Caicos women who have cemented a legacy of noble achievement; naming: the late Helena Jones Robinson, Mrs. Ellen Howell (who passed away last week), Mrs. Ona Glinton , Adelaide Olmer, Oseta Jolly, Enid Capron….still with us today are Rev Julia Williams, Dr. Linda Williams, Ms. Marjorie Basden, to name a few educators who helped to build this country of ours.”

Her list included women in politics from both sides of the aisle and rose up to take positions, even Cabinet positions. Hon. Connolly called on the nation to continue steadfastly in prayer for the safety of our girls, their purity, their right to be educated and their right to live. The service and other events of the week are held in conjunction with the Department of Social Development and Gender Affairs and the Ministry of Environment and Home Affairs.

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