Humble beginnings remember for Hon. Dr Rosita Butterfield

Providenciales, 09 Feb 2015 – The Hon Dr. Rosita Butterfield is laid to rest now, the country’s first woman elected to parliament on the PNP ticket for the constituency of Kew in North Caicos. She was and is a woman who many now know grew through education and politics and business and philanthropic endeavors to be considered a wealthy Turks and Caicos Islander. Current House Speaker, Hon Robert Hall reminded us at the State Funeral last week that it was not always the case; Rosie came from very humble beginnings.

“Even after she was married, you may have heard the son speak about coming to Turks and Caicos, living in a trailer – a number of them – and living in a one bedroom. So when one looks at the vast empire they have today, some people think it was always that way, but with their sweat, blood, tears, dedication they really achieved great heights.”

Dr. Rosita Butterfield was 78 years old when died on January 10, 2015.

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