Govt to spend over $8m on Public Sector pay raise

Providenciales, 10 Feb 2015 – The Salary pay grade review is done and come April 1st, most public sector workers will be getting a raise; it’s a raise the Finance Minister last week announced will cost the country over $8million dollars.

“I think the Public Service regarding exercise is costing the Government close to $9 million overall. So we are at a stage now where we are in a position to start to focus on the people who work in this economy in the public Sector, who is responsible for collecting revenue, and who is responsible for helping Government to function and they will finally be recognized by having their pay scales regarded.”

While the actual review of government worker salaries is the responsibility of the Deputy Governor’s Office as Anya Williams heads up the Civil Service; it is up to the elected government to budget for the increases which Minister Washington Misick when describing the Financial and Strategic Policy Statement for this upcoming budget year said: A key policy highlighted in the FSPS was the implementation of the proposed pay and grading review, to address pay anomalies in the public service, and assist in the recruitment and retention of critical front line staff.

“There was a pay grade exercise done previous to the current government coming to office which had suggested somewhere between $4 and $5 million dollars of additional expenditure to re-grade public service so that they were adequately compensated and so that people were in the right grade based on the performance requirements of the positions of they were expected to hold and perform at. The government did not have the money until now to do so, now that the country has rebounded and the government has the money a decision was made to implement the regarding exercise, and as I said, in terms of some new posts in the re-grading itself we are spending an extra $9 million dollars on public service salaries.”

Last month the Premier announced that his administration, is this year, more focused on people.

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