TCIG delivered another solid quarter, resulting in an overall fiscal position that was more favourable than the original and revised estimates for the year. This was largely due to the extraordinary returns in areas such as Import Duties, Hotel& Restaurant Tax and Stamp Duty on Land Transactions; while appropriate legislative compliance measures continued to be enforced, as well as emphasis continued on adherence to both the Public Finance Management and the Public Procurement Ordinances.
Fourth Quarter results recorded a surplus $10.3 million resulting in a total surplus of $68.6 million for the year ended March 31, 2016.
Recurrent Revenues for the fourth quarter totaled $70.7 million. Total Recurrent Revenues for the year of $259.8 million, recorded a favourable variance of 12% ($27.9 million) against the budgeted amount, while realizing a growth of 5% when compared to the previous year. The variances are attributable largely to the following items:

Growth in Import Duties which totaled $67.3 million at the end of the fourth quarter; up 12% from the budgeted amount.
Strong Performance in the Real estate sector with Stamp duties on Land Transactions, totaling $26.9 million for the year, being 45% above budget.
Favourable results from the Hospitality sector, recording $58. 2 million at year end for Hotel & Restaurant Tax.

Recurrent expenditure made up somewhat for previously shortfalls during the fourth quarter, being up 33% ($14.0 million) from the budgeted amount. Full year expenditure however, was 6% ($11.8 million) below budget, while recording a growth of 14% over last year’s outturn.

The total amount spent on capital projects at the end of the fourth quarter was $11.6 million representing a $14.8 million or 56% shortfall from the budgeted amount of $26.4 million. This $14.8 million however, will be retained in the Development Fund to cover the cost of projects that were deemed committed as of March 31, 2016.

Major projects during the year included:

$2.2 million spent on Long Bay High School Phase 2
$2.0 million Spent on Repairs to the Causeway Bridge
$0.5 million spent on repairs to the Wellness Centre on the island of Grand Turk
$0.5 million spent in on various Carnival infrastructure projects
$0.4 million spent on Glass Shack road development

TCIG’s total outstanding debt as of March 31, 2016, was $44.3 million; including $28.0 million borrowed from Royal Bank of Canada during February as part of a refinancing arrangement and a $5.0 million Policy Based Loan received from the Caribbean Development bank during March.

“With the help of our taxpayers, vendors, civil servants and lenders we have managed to advance many of our projects that focused on infrastructure within the islands and the education sector, while delivering a budget surplus for FY 15/16. However, TCI we must not become complacent, there is still much work ahead of us, as we continue our work in ensuring sustained economic stability and also the continual improvement of the standard of living of all residents of our islands” stated the Hon. C Washington Misick.

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