New Budget delivered on time by PNP Administration

Providenciales, 31 Mar 2015 – The Budget was passed last week and now the Consolidated Fund as it is referred to in the Gazette is published. It reveals the bulk spending of each department in TCIG – from the Governor’s Office to the Ministry of Tourism to Health and Human Services, Education, Policing and the Office of the Premier. No surprises as we see a near $225 million dollar budget with the lion’s share of the monies going to the Ministry of Health, Agriculture and Human Services at roughly $57.2 million; Statutory Charges as they are categorized with $38.5 million dollars and includes debt servicing, contingency funding and pensions & gratuities; Education is next in line at 26.7 million; the Police Department getting $20.7 million; the Ministry of Finance this year was cut, but with $15.2 million; there is $14.7 million dollars allocated for Infrastructure, Housing and Planning. You can see nearly $18 million for the Attorney General’s Chambers, Director of Public Prosecutions and the Judiciary departments combined; while Home Affairs is allotted just over $9.3 million.

Border Control and Tourism hover in the six million dollar category: Border Control at $6.6; Tourism with $6.4 million from the TCIG purse. As for the nation’s leaders; the Governor’s Office is given $4.2 million, the Office of the Premier at $2.2 million dollars for their operations. This is the first time in four years the country has experienced an on time budget… this spending for TCIG is activated tomorrow, April 1st.

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