Government looking to stop export of stolen goods

Providenciales, 22 Jan 2015 – The government is finally working on a plan to check what is being exported at the docks before cargo vessels ship out; this following years of thefts and robberies where electronics and other easy black market items are believed to have been going out to nearby countries. The Premier, in a post cabinet press conference today spoke of a policy to have declarations made and vessels scoured for hot goods.

TCI Premier, Hon. Dr. Rufus Ewing: “I think they have already started discussions with the persons from Customs, not only at the airport but also at the seaports where most of the boats are leaving to the Dominican Republic and/or Haiti where they will have to do checks at the time of departure and they will have to do a customs declaration at the time of departure and they will be able to search the vessels to make sure there are no stolen items or goods on board.”

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